StatSoft Partner Program

StatSoft's collaborates with select organizations through our Alliance Program to deliver integrated, complete solutions to our mutual customers. StatSoft's Alliance Program is defined to support the business development and technical needs of our partners in promoting and implementing solutions based upon the STATISTICA suite of products. If you are interested in becoming a partner, you can fill out this form

Benefits of Becoming a StatSoft Partner

Partnering with StatSoft provides numerous benefits. Our partners enjoy the name recognition and presence of a global organization in business since 1984, with 30 offices represented in all major markets throughout the world. STATISTICA is a well-known and respected brand name in data mining and analysis, with localizesd versions available in French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Czech, and Spanish.

We recognize and focus on the mutual value of partnerships, offering several programs designed to fit the specific nature of the partnership. Our partnership options are limited to a select set of vendors with whom collaboration delivers benefits to our customers and our respective organizations. Further, we provide support resources and collaboration for our partners in business development as well as technology.

StatSoft Partner Certification

StatSoft provides certification to partners to ensure competency and preparedness in delivering solutions on the STATISTICA platform. Our certification is an articulation to customers of your distinction in terms of subject matter expertise with the STATISTICA suite. StatSoft provides certification to partners to ensure competency and preparedness in delivering solutions on the STATISTICA platform.

A Brief Overview of STATISTICA

Our STATISTICA product line provides the most comprehensive predictive and exploratory data mining, analytic business intelligence/reporting, quality control/improvement, and statistical analysis features currently available. We built STATISTICA on cutting-edge technologies - such as Web-based enterprise system optimization with support for scalable super-computer-like distributed processing for unmatched performance, highly optimized database connectivity, and open-architecture design. Our products are scalable from the smallest installations to the largest multinational enterprise systems, and they are used across all vertical markets wherever data mining, data visualization, predictive modeling, and custom, intelligent business reporting are employed. Example applications include:

  • Financial Risk Analysis and Management
  • Credit Scoring
  • Customer Retention
  • Database Marketing
  • Product Quality Management and Prediction

STATISTICA products provide several unique features for use in delivering solutions to your customers, including an open architecture with comprehensive APIs for all core data handling, analysis and graphics. These APIs allow customers to embed the STATISTICA engine in custom programs delivered to your clients, ranging from simple business intelligence distribution and reporting with nearly unlimited customization options to advanced predictive analytics packaged for end users with secure, user-friendly portals.

STATISTICA provides the highest quality and most integrated data visualization tools. The creation of these graphics is also automated through programmatic calls to the STATISTICA engine, useful for deploying rich graphical summaries and reports from large data warehouses.

Big Data is no problem with STATISTICA, which handles incredibly large data sets with tuned algorithms for data processing and analytic performance. STATISTICA includes completely open connectivity to data sources, with the latest in flexible data source connection, querying technologies, and optimized data transfer technologies.

Solutions built using STATISTICA are often the result of other third party products and services. The business opportunity for StatSoft's Partners is to promote and deliver STATISTICA-based solutions to clients, including the licensing of complementary software products and one or all of the following complementary services:

  • Solution design
  • Database design
  • Application development
  • Database development
  • Data mining consulting
  • Statistical consulting
  • Project management
  • Training

Types of Partners

We offer three basic categories of business alliances: Consulting, OEM, and Technology.

Consulting Partner

StatSoft's Consulting Partner Program was developed for Systems Integrators and Consulting organizations. Consulting Partners develop expertise in the STATISTICA suite and promote the use of STATISTICA to their clients. As a consulting partner, you will provide the necessary complementary services in deploying a STATISTICA-based solution, including needs analysis, solution design, application development, database design and development, project management and training.

Program Benefits

Our Consulting Partner Program provides all of the components to empower your organization with the sales and technical competencies to promote and deploy STATISTICA-based solutions. A partial list of program benefits are:

  • Sales Training
  • Sales Incentives
  • Product Training
  • Development Licenses of the Software
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Implementation Support
  • Sales and Business Development Support

OEM Partner

Our OEM Partner Program supports and encourages Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who wish to utilize the STATISTICA engine through embedding it within a product developed, maintained, promoted and sold by the vendor. OEM Partners inherit StatSoft's investment in developing and testing new and advancing technologies, which are then available as a component of the OEM Partner's product targeted to a specific market segment.

The comprehensive and robust predictive and exploratory data mining, data analysis and data visualization software system available through STATISTICA features leading edge technologies ranging from Web-enablement and multiple server integration, to database gateway/data transfer optimizations. The software includes over 16,000 data gathering, transformation, analytics and graphics procedures exposed in the STATISTICA object model as functions that are callable through our industry standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), ensuring compatibility with virtually all applications.

Program Benefits

  • Enhance your existing solutions with the most advanced analytics/predicting modeling platform on the market today. Deliver enhanced customer value and expand your market penetration by leveraging our award winning capabilities.
  • Integrate with your solution using several standards based tools. Our platform is the most IT/integration friendly platform for advanced analytics/predictive modeling. This allows integration through the use of a fully documented library of over 16,000 externally-callable functions.
  • Work with our sales, training, and marketing programs to realize the full potential of embedding StatSoft capabilities in your products and solutions.

Technology Partner

STATISTICA solutions for organizations often require the use of and integration between STATISTICA and other software packages. StatSoft collaborates with its Technology Partners to develop, test and certify that STATISTICA and the third party products are compatible. We work with our Technology Partners to define the level of integration and interfaces necessary to meet our customers' needs. On an ongoing basis, these integration points are augmented and updated as new versions of our respective software systems are released.

Program Benefits

  • Joint sales/marketing engagement and support
  • Accesss  to software for demonstration, development, training  and enablement
  • Access to technical support to ensure seamless integration



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