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StatSoft and our line of STATISTICA products are represented at many professional Exhibitions, Conferences, and Trade Shows throughout the year.

These events provide a great opportunity for you to learn more about the ways in which your organization can be more successful using the STATISTICA suite of software.

Locate and register for StatSoft events around the world. Many of our events are open to the public, and free or discounted exhibition passes are often available.


Event StartEvent EndTitleCategoryLocationBooth
5/7/2014 5/9/2014 Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Business Analytics Conference Conference San Jose, CA Dell Booth
5/13/2014 5/13/2014 Introduction to STATISTICA Training Tulsa, OK
5/13/2014 5/13/2014 STATISTICA Solutions: Practical Data Analysis for Pharmaceutical Industry Seminar Warsaw, Poland Hotel Gromada Airport
5/14/2014 5/14/2014 STATISTICA Visual Basic Training Tulsa, OK
5/14/2014 5/14/2014 STATISTICA Solutions: Statistics for Biomedical Research Seminar Warsaw, Poland Hotel Gromada Airport
5/15/2014 5/15/2014 Statistical Process Control Training Tulsa, OK
5/16/2014 5/16/2014 STATISTICA Enterprise Training Tulsa, OK
6/2/2014 6/6/2014 46th Annual "Days of Statistics" Conference Rennes, France Nat'l School of Statistics & Information Analysis (ENSAI)
6/10/2014 6/10/2014 Introduction to STATISTICA Training Tulsa, OK
6/10/2014 6/12/2014 Deere & Company Global Business Improvement & Six Sigma Conference Conference Moline, IL Deere & Co. World HQ

Previous Events


Event StartEvent EndTitleCategoryLocation
11/22/2013 11/22/2013 STATISTICA Automated Neural Networks Training Tulsa, OK
11/21/2013 11/21/2013 STATISTICA Success Stories Conference Conference Mannheim, Germany
11/20/2013 11/21/2013 STATISTICA Data Miner Training Tulsa, OK
11/19/2013 11/19/2013 Introduction to STATISTICA Training Tulsa, OK
11/7/2013 9:00 AM 11/7/2013 1:00 PM Workshop on Government´ Solutions Workshop Porto Alegre, Brazil
11/4/2013 11/5/2013 Predictive Analytics World - Germany Trade Show - Worldwide Berlin, Germany
10/25/2013 10/25/2013 Design of Experiments Training Tulsa, OK
10/24/2013 10/24/2013 Advanced Statistics Training Tulsa, OK
10/23/2013 10/23/2013 Basic Statistics Training Tulsa, OK
10/22/2013 10/22/2013 Introduction to STATISTICA Training Tulsa, OK

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