STATISTICA Features Overview

The STATISTICA line of software consists of a fully integrated line of analytic solutions that were developed and refined over the past 25 years. During this time, feedback from hundreds of thousands of users helped shaped STATISTICA into solutions for many different industries across the globe. Our products have received the highest rating in every published (independent) comparative review in which it has been featured since its first release in 1993.

If you know how to use windows applications such as Microsoft Excel or  Word, you already know how to use STATISTICA. There are no proprietary languages to learn, cumbersome imports or exports between platforms. 

Customers can install STATISTICA as a commercial off-the-shelf solution.

Customers can customize STATISTICA to fit into their company culture. Industry-standard scripting languages, such as Visual Basic or R, can be used for configuration and customization. COM-compliant programming languages, such as C#, C++, Java, VB.NET, can call STATISTICA objects. 

STATISTICA solutions were developed to get things done, to provide the fastest return on investment, best value, and uniquely useful and effective analytic, data management, graphics, and presentation tools to create predictable value quickly for you and your organization and applications.

  • STATISTICA can access data from virtually all standard data repositories, file formats, and standard and specialized database formats. For example, Excel spreadsheets can be opened as MS Excel spreadsheets inside STATISTICA and processed in-place; databases can be queried in-place directly using the built-in graphical query builder (or standard query language interfaces); STATISTICA provides efficient and easy to use (often single-click) functions for file-import/export to/from Text, Excel, databases, or SAS, SPSS, etc. STATISTICA can directly access data from all standard relational database formats, as well as specialized databases (e.g., the OSI PI database for process data).
  • STATISTICA data management functions and procedures provide a large number of options for efficiently merging, aggregating, stacking and unstacking of data, transformations and smoothing of data, for cleaning/recoding/imputing of missing data, for identifying duplicate records, finding and recoding outliers, etc. Numerous specialized ETL (Extract-Transform-Load data) functions are available, for example, to align customer records from different sources, to align time-stamped and/or batch data recorded at different time intervals, to aggregate diverse data sources, etc.
  • STATISTICA data analysis capabilities cover thousands of STATISTICA functions, algorithms, tests, and methods ranging from simple break-down tables to advanced nonlinear modeling, generalized linear models, time-series methods, to name only a few of the comprehensively implemented STATISTICA functions available in the software. In addition, STATISTICA provides the most comprehensive selection of advanced data mining algorithms in a single package, options for text mining, comprehensive options for quality control charting, multivariate control methods, model-based quality control methods (including PLS based methods for monitoring of batch processes in real time), and simple and advanced process monitoring algorithms. Even advanced simulation and general optimization algorithms are provided, to solve complex risk modeling problems and/or perform multi-goal optimization of data mining or STATISTICA models.
  • STATISTICA has earned the reputation of the "king of data visualization software" (a term used by the editors of " PC Graphics & Video" to describe STATISTICA). Methods for data visualization go far beyond simple business graphics, or scientific graphing. In addition, STATISTICA provides a visual-data-mining platform for graphically slicing-and-dicing of data in 2D or 3D (or categorized graphs across large numbers of dimensions), interactive brushing of collections of graphs, and for annotating and customizing graphs to create unique one-of-a-kind graphs that can communicate results ("your message") unambiguously for maximum impact.
  • STATISTICA output and reporting will connect directly and flawlessly into your preferred formats, from desktop applications to web-based portals updated in real-time. STATISTICA output can be directed into MS Word documents, PDF files, HTML reports, web pages, text files, Excel spreadsheets, etc. Graphs can be saves as .JPG, .BMP, and various other graphics formats. Copy-paste of results tables and graphs from/to your MS Word documents and reports, PowerPoint presentations, or Excel spreadsheets is simple and straightforward.
  • STATISTICA solutions are available on various platforms as desk/laptop applications, as server-based solutions, or as seamlessly integrated mixtures of both. STATISTICA solutions provide a single computing platform that can easily be integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, data bases, server platforms, security and authentication methods, etc., to achieve effective results quickly (scoring solutions, web-based supervised enterprise-wide computing solutions, etc.). All functionality of the software is also programmatically accessible via scripting (e.g., VB), or from C++, C#, Dot Net, etc., so that completely customized solutions can be built from/around STATISTICA solutions. Even a STATISTICA runtime library is available, to embed STATISTICA functionality (more than 13,000 functions in all) into your own software. STATISTICA provides developers and system integrators one of the largest and most comprehensive development environments available on the market.

STATISTICA analytic solutions are available (off-the-shelf) for various computing platforms and applications.

  • For the desktop; providing the most powerful data analysis, data mining, quality control, simple and advanced (model-based) process monitoring, and data visualization software available today.
  • For the enterprise; providing integrated solutions for role-based analytics (templated analytics), validated reporting (21 CFR Part 11 compliance), process analytical technology (PAT), quality control charting and process monitoring, automated dashboards, and more; if your enterprise analysis and reporting needs go beyond simple pi, bar, or standard business graphs (although those too can be produced in STATISTICA), then STATISTICA Enterprise will provide an excellent and perhaps the only fit to match your requirements
  • For Web-enabled analytic server-based computing; the STATISTICA Server software allows all STATISTICA solutions to offload, schedule, or remotely request (via simple Web browser interfaces) all analyses, graphics, and data management operations available in STATISTICA and/or STATISTICA Enterprise, offering advanced load balancing, integrated security, batch processing, etc., and scalability across multiple 32 or 64-bit processors or multi-processor servers.
  • For effective (remote) multivariate monitoring, via dashboards; the STATISTICA Monitoring and Alerting Server can simultaneously monitor hundreds of scheduled simple or advanced analytic tasks (control charts, custom-performance monitors, etc.)

All solutions are fully and tightly integrated, and built around the same highly optimized STATISTICA libraries. For example, you can take advantage of STATISTICA's comprehensive support for...

  • Offloading of computationally demanding tasks. Build a data mining analysis workspace (stream) on your desktop, using all interactive tools, and then offload demanding tasks to the STATISTICA Server
  • Web-analytics, desktop follow-up and drill-down. Choose via the Web interface a particular analysis template to create a set of multivariate model-based control charts and reports, and then download the results to your desk/laptop for further drill-down
  • Dashboards, alarms, desktop or web-based follow-up and drill-down. Set up web-based dashboards for remotely monitoring hundreds of individual processes (analyses), drill down via Web-interfaces to perform ad-hoc explorations of alarms, and download key results to your desk/laptop for further analyses.
  • Remote monitoring, e-mail alarms, drill-down, reporting. Set up web-based dashboards for remotely monitoring hundreds of individual processes (analyses), receive email-notification of important results and drill down via the Web-interface to perform ad-hoc explorations of alarms; then download key results to your desk/laptop for further analyses.
  • Custom web-based analytic solutions; follow-up, drill-down and reporting with STATISTICA. Easily create automated credit scoring or other solutions, with a custom web-based front-end, and STATISTICA desktop and/or STATISTICA Server tools for model building, model validation, for computing lift, ROI, ROC curves, score cards, and for generating automated summary reports

STATISTICA Solutions have been in use for decades world-wide and in multiple languages, for diverse applications.

  • As an all-purpose effective desktop and/or client-server STATISTICA, data mining, or graphics package, following Windows standards and UI (with ribbon bars, custom menus), supporting the latest desk/laptop computing platforms (32-bit, 64-bit, multi-core) and unlimited file sizes, and offering a vast range of statistical and data mining analysis options, as well as comprehensive data import/export compatibility (XLS, SAS, JMP, Minitab, Text, SQL Server, Oracle, OSI Pi, etc.) and data management capabilities (merge, split, sort, multiple-column un/stack, etc.). STATISTICA will be used today by thousands of scientists, consultants, engineers, business analysts, data mining professionals, students, worldwide, etc. Read more about STATISTICA desktop solutions.
  • In manufacturing environments, as a dedicated enterprise quality control and process monitoring and alarming solution, offering simple standard charts and analysis, as well as multivariate control charting, model-based SPC (e.g., for real-time model-based monitoring of multi-stage batch processes), and/or custom analytic workflows with alarming and dashboards. STATISTICA is installed worldwide in FDA validated manufacturing environments (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance), to support critical reporting and analysis needs. Because STATISTICA is built using industry-standard interfaces, languages, data formats, etc., STATISTICA solutions can quickly and easily integrate even into complex data warehouses, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and other general or specialized IT infrastructures. Read more details on manufacturing solutions.
  • As the most flexible and powerful data mining solution available on the market today, with more predictive modeling and other data mining algorithms, options, and capabilities than any comparable package. STATISTICA Data Miner also provides options for text mining, association and sequence analyses, automatic model building, and flexible methods for deployment via XML/PMML, C, C++, C#, SAS, or other methods of model deployment etc. The intuitive user interface of STATISTICA Data Miner, with wizards and automatic recipes following best-practices, effective work flows, etc. will guarantee rapid insights even from huge data repositories, to get solutions quickly. Read more on STATISTICA Data Miner.
  • In CRM, insurance, banking, marketing, and other business domains were accurate knowledge derived from detailed, complex, and large data repositories and warehouses (e.g., customer and transaction databases) is critical to be competitive. STATISTICA and STATISTICA Data Miner will provide the tools to gain insights that are not available to your competitors using simpler (e.g., database) tools, and provides convenient interfaces to build and maintain powerful (real-time) scoring solutions quickly

STATISTICA solutions provide an array of unique features that are critical for our customers’ successes. Here are some additional key differentiators that set STATISTICA apart from the competition.

  • STATISTICA is not "just another advanced data analysis, data mining, or Six-Sigma analysis package." STATISTICA offers the speed and capacity to handle datasets and designs of practically unlimited size, provides unusually comprehensive procedures and algorithms, is integrated with the highest quality graphics (which earned it the reputation of " King of data visualization tools," See Reviews)
  • STATISTICA provides options to perform hundreds of various types of standard STATISTICA analyses, ranging from comprehensive nonparametric statistics to generalized linear models (GLM’s), comprehensive methods for six-sigma and quality improvements, simple and multivariate control charting, and much more. Add to this the largest selection of data mining algorithms in a single package, universally recognized best-in-class (analytic) graphics, a vast array of data connectivity and data management options as well as reporting options (e.g., PDF, Excel, ..) and it is easy to see why STATISTICA has been consistently rated at the top-of-the-heap in every comparative review in which it has been featured.
  • For years, StatSoft has been a Microsoft Partner, and STATISTICA follows standard Windows user-interface conventions, industry-standards, and recommendations (toolbars, ribbon-bars, standard macro recording using standard VB scripting, drag-and-drop interfaces, etc.).
  • If you know how to use windows applications like Excel or MS Word, you already know how to use STATISTICA. There are no proprietary languages to learn, cumbersome imports/exports between platforms, etc. For example, Excel data can be opened directly – as Excel spreadsheets with all features of MS Excel – from inside STATISTICA; familiar graphical query-builder tools are provided to connect directly to external databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) for in-place asynchronous data processing. Familiar interfaces for special-purpose databases (such as OSI Pi; see STATISTICA PI Connector) are also provided.
  • STATISTICA software is built around an extremely scalable and expandable, .NET-Compatible, 32- and 64-bit architecture that supports today’s and tomorrow’s powerful multi-core processors and servers; the STATISTICA library encompasses more than 13,000 functions (also accessible programmatically via scripting, from C#, etc.) to manage data connectivity, data management, simple and advanced analyses, reporting, file import/export, and graphics. All features are available as options and simple point-and-click operations in the program. All operations, including interactive graph brushing, managing graph and embedded graph objects, analytic drawing (even in zoom mode) , auto-updating of results, and so on are also programmatically available as programmable/customizable events (e.g., to build custom graphical/analytic workflows for your enterprise).
  • STATISTICA is accurate, fast, effective, and is in use across diverse businesses and (e.g., FDA validated manufacturing) environments worldwide. Over the last quarter century STATISTICA has become the trusted analysis package relied upon by hundreds-of-thousands-of-users around the globe.
  • STATISTICA is available for the desk/laptop but can also be deployed to powerful multi-core/multi-processor servers, to provide analytics to thousands of users via simple and effective Web-based user-interfaces. Whether you are computing simple breakdown tables on your laptop, or perform genetic algorithm optimization of multiple data mining models on a server (or your desktop), the same software, interfaces, reports, graphics, and other capabilities are available (because all analyses use the same libraries and functions, only deployed to different computing platforms). STATISTICA is not a cobbled-together, ill-integrated collection of different programs acquired by a vendor over time and marketed under a common name to create the illusion of a single software platform; STATISTICA is not a main-frame era closed proprietary system.
  • With STATISTICA you have the most cutting-edge technology, modern interfaces, and open-architecture in a single carefully planned, brilliantly executed, and meticulously implemented consistent software solution available today.

That is why the world’s most tech-savvy businesses ranging from the dominant manufacturers of semiconductors or solar cells, global providers of life-saving drugs and vaccines, defibrillators and other medical devices, and high-tech gages, to the most successful providers of insurance business intelligence as well as the leading international credit institutions have standardized on STATISTICA.