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Graphics facilities in STATISTICA combine an extremely wide selection of scientific and technical charts (featuring built-in analytic facilities) with customization, drawing, and multigraphics management capabilities that are usually found only in designated presentation graphics and drawing programs. STATISTICA offers hundreds of types of 2- and 3-dimensional graphical displays, including 2- and 3-dimensional ternary graphs, special 4-dimensional graphs, multidimensional graphs, categorized multigraphs, matrices of graphs, icons, tessellations, spectral 2- and 3-dimensional graphs, compound graphs, and many other specialized procedures. Also, flexible and very easy to use facilities are provided to custom-design completely new types of graphs and add them permanently to the menu or floating toolbars. In STATISTICA, you can easily convert into graphs:

  • raw data (or any subsets of raw data, specified on-line using flexible selection conditions)
  • any output from analyses (or any subsets of the output selected in the results Scrollsheets)
  • values calculated in STATISTICA Visual Basic
  • any combinations of the previous three types of data.

In addition to those general types of graphs, there are hundreds of more specialized graphs which are integrated with specific statistical procedures and available either from the respective output selection dialogs or context menus in the results Scrollsheets. Some of those specialized types of graphs are listed in the respective topics of the Statistics section of this brochure. Finally, all graphics options and procedures can also be used in your STATISTICA Visual Basic applications.

Although this is only a small sample of the types of graphs which can be produced by STATISTICA extensive information about graphics in STATISTICA is available. The best way to review STATISTICA's graphics abilities is to download the free trial, which includes additional sample graphs, and allows you to produce your own graphs.

Graphics, Graph, STATISTICA

Graphics, Graph, STATISTICA

Graphics, Graph, STATISTICA


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