STATISTICA Connectivity to SAP

StatSoft and its customers utilize a flexible assortment of approaches to provide SAP data to STATISTICA Enterprise end users. StatSoft does not take a "one-size-fits-all" approach because of the breadth of the SAP system and the variability of SAP connectivity requirements from application to application, customer to customer. 

SAP certified

StatSoft has received SAP certification for STATISTICA. Read more…

SAP Interfaces

SAP publishes certified application programming interfaces (API) as one preferred and supported method for data extraction. These interfaces are a popular approach because they provide structured access to the module data in a way that

  1. respects the SAP access control and security, and
  2. is robust to changes in the underlying SAP database schema.

For example, for manufacturing quality control applications, SAP provides the QM-STI interface for accessing data from the QM module. By configuring STATISTICA Enterprise to utilize the QM-STI interface, customers can configure automated analyses and reports using any of the STATISTICA analytic modules, including Quality Control charts, Process Capability, General Linear Models, Variance Estimation and Precision, etc.

SAP Exchange Infrastructure

For some applications, it is more efficient to define the data required for the STATISTICA analyses and configure periodic, automated data extracts to be "pushed" to a standard relational database ("data mart"). SAP's Exchange Infrastructure (XI) provides an efficient and powerful way to set up and manage these configurations in the NetWeaver application server framework.

Once the requisite data are in the data mart, STATISTICA Enterprise Data Configurations are configured to access these data with Analysis and Report Configurations to perform the requisite analysis to support the application needs.

Third-Party OLE DB Provider

The popularity of the SAP system has a number of advantages to customers. One advantage is that Third-Party independent software vendors (ISVs) develop and maintain interfaces to SAP data, such as OLE for Databases (OLE DB) providers. OLE DB is a Microsoft standard for accessing data sources. An OLE DB provider is a standards-based approach to providing an interface to a data source so that software applications such as STATISTICA are able to use OLE DB to query them.

STATISTICA has a long history of support for OLE DB and is able to utilize Third-Party OLE DB providers for SAP to provide a powerful, flexible approach to configuring SAP Query Configurations in STATISTICA Enterprise.

For more details about an SAP Connectivity approach to suit your business's application requirements, please call one of our STATISTICA Application Specialists at 918-749-1119 or email info@statsoft.com.


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