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The STATISTICA Data Analysis and Data Mining Platform, including the STATISTICA Data Miner software, offers the most comprehensive and effective system for the entire data mining process - from querying databases to developing and validating models. In many cases, the real value from data mining and predictive modeling comes from the incorporation of the resulting predictive models into the respective business processes. That is the primary purpose for the STATISTICA Live Score solution.

STATISTICA Live Score is STATISTICA Server software within the STATISTICA Data Analysis and Data Mining Platform. Data are aggregated and cleaned and models are trained and validated using the STATISTICA Data Miner software. Once the models are validated, they are deployed to the STATISTICA Live Score server. STATISTICA Live Score provides multi-threaded, efficient, and platform-independent scoring of data from line-of-business applications. Some examples of the use of STATISTICA Live Score:

  • Enabling credit scorecards to customer service applications (e.g., call center systems and Web-based applications)
  • Enabling customer segmentation, up-sell-cross-sell, and customer churn identification to customer service and marketing representatives
  • Enabling proactive fraud detection alerts to analysts




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