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The Variance Estimation and Precision module provides a comprehensive set of techniques for analyzing data from experiments that include both fixed and random effects.

With Variance Estimation and Precision, you can obtain estimates of variance components and use them to make precision statements while at the same time comparing fixed effects in the presence of multiple sources of variation.

  • Industry Applications
  • REML Method
  • Variability Plot
  • User Interface

compare variance components

Industry Applications

Variance Estimation and Precision is currently used by companies in Pharmaceutical, Chemical/Petrochemical, Consumer Products, Semiconductor, and other industries for specific applications of analysis of variance, including:

  • Evaluating method transfer between two labs of manufacturing facilities
  • Evaluating the differences between treatment groups in a study that includes both fixed and random effects
  • Evaluating the factors that contribute to product variability in manufacturing
  • Evaluating the contributions of variation attributed to instruments, operators, raw materials, and other factors

REML Method

In the Variance Estimation and Precision module, an alternative to ANOVA estimation is provided by restricted maximum likelihood estimation (REML). The REML method is based on quadratic forms and requires iteration to find a solution for the variance components.

Variability Plot

Integrated in the Variance Estimation and Precision module is a new graph type: the Variability Plot. The Variability Plot is a display of data where the underlying organization of the data collection is represented by a series of hierarchical or nested rectangles enclosing the data. This type of graph is useful to evaluate the variability of one factor within several other organizing factors.

User Interface

The Variance Estimation and Precision design specification dialog enables users to specify effects in the model and save the design.

Users have several options for displaying means, while the variability plot helps to visualize the data.

Variance Estimation and Precision Plot



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