Custom Development Services

StatSoft's Technical Services and R&D Departments offer a variety of custom development, implementation, and system integration services. From small-scale single-device data monitoring and analysis systems to enterprise-scale corporate quality control data collection, warehousing, and analysis, STATISTICA has your needs covered.

STATISTICA Enterprise customization

Enterprise versions of STATISTICA incorporate technology that allows it to be fully integrated into your existing computing environments, practically regardless of your network's size and complexity. Thanks to the flexibility and accessibility of our software architecture, our customers can customize the software to meet particular needs, accessing 100% of STATISTICA's functions from the transparent object model and fully integrated Visual Basic. This technology is available in all enterprise versions of STATISTICA, including Decisioning Platform, Data Miner, and STATISTICA Enterprise.

Integration and Customization Services

Even with the ease of in-house integration, customers often find it more economical and efficient to use StatSoft to deliver complete solutions, using our expertise and product knowledge to assist in customization and integration. Our advanced expertise may be necessary during implementation if:

  • the existing enterprise systems use very complex, proprietary, or specialized data formats or database schemas; or
  • the resulting integrated systems are expected to perform highly specialized functions such as automated information delivery, monitoring, processing, or auto-response

StatSoft's experienced professionals are well-prepared to quickly and efficienty perform these services. We have experience with highly advanced, large scale, customized and integrated implementations at some of the world's largest international corporations.

Deployment STATISTICA Enterprise Server

As part of the deployment and implementation of STATISTICA Enterprise Server, StatSoft offers customization services including development of Web applications based on our software technology, as well as recommendation and installation of a general-purpose Web Server system.

Data Mining Deployment

Optionally available with purchase of STATISTICA Data Miner or any of the other enterprise packages, deployment and training can get your employees up and running quickly. These services fall under consulting, and include solutions designed to work with specific data warehouses to solve particular ranges of problems.


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