StatSoft offers introductory and advanced training courses in the United States and overseas. Public training courses and customized on-site training are available.

Video tutorials are also available on YouTube. StatSoft has several video series that may be useful, from data mining and statistics basics to advanced statistical techniques.

Self-paced Training via our YouTube Channel

Data Mining with STATISTICA - The Data Mining with STATISTICA series is 35 videos covering concepts, process, and hands-on data mining. The intent of this series is to familiarize you with data mining, so that you are empowered to start your own data mining projects and can carry out the projects successfully. You will see the tools that are available, the output they produce with tips about interpreting the output, and how to display project success. To be notified when new episodes are made available register at

Getting Started with STATISTICA - Getting Started with STATISTICA is a video series intended to help those who are new to STATISTICA or want helpful hints about the use of their software. The video series covers topics ranging from importing or querying data and preparing it for analysis to working with analysis, graphs and output and also touches on automating the processes. Each video focuses on one aspect of a basic statistical analysis and shows step by step examples. This series will help you learn to navigate the software more efficiently.


STATISTICA 10 in 10 - Videos discuss and demonstrate 10 areas of functionality in theSTATISTICA 10 release.

How to Videos - Find practical, step-by-step video clips that show you how to do just about anything in STATISTICA.


Training Courses


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Courses offered by StatSoft include:

  • Practical, hands-on experience with STATISTICA
  • An introduction to real-world example applications
  • Energetic, helpful, knowledgeable instructors
  • Comprehensive, take-home course manual
  • Personal attention with a small class size
  • Interactive, class-paced learning

View the upcoming training schedule at our headquarters in Tulsa. 

On-Site Training

  • Curriculum. Customized training by STATISTICA experts. The topics to be covered are tailored to meet your specific needs; this means more time devoted to the topics in which you are most interested.
  • Held at your convenience and location; Individual or Groups. On-Site training can be scheduled to accommodate your specific needs. By training at your location, you save transportation and lodging expenses.
  • More Information. Contact StatSoft at (918) 749-1119 or for scheduling and cost information.

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