Community Resources


The blogs section of the website is a great way to stay updated on the latest STATISTICA-related news. Not only will you find news-related items and press releases, but you will also find blogs written by StatSoft employees on a variety of statistcs-related topics. Even better, you can share your feedback on blogs by commenting. This encourages valuable collaboration between StatSoft employees and the STATISTICA community. 

Support Forum

The STATISTICA Support Forum is perhaps the best place to share your thoughts or ask a question. Once you have registered, you have the ability to post questions and have not only StatSoft employees respond, but the community as well. It also gives you the chance to share your expertise when others are having problems or looking for a new way to utilize STATISTICA


The STATISTICA Q & A section contains a collection of common questions encountered by users. They are categorized so that they can quickly be read through, and then there are detailed answers for each specific question. This can be a great resource for solving a problem without contacting StatSoft support. 

Developer Network

The STATISTICA Developer Network is a resource for customizing STATISTICA to your needs using the powerful and flexible STATISTICA Visual Basic architecture. STATISTICA Visual Basic (SVB) takes full advantage of the object model architecture of STATISTICA with more than 16,000 functionsVirtually every detail of data importing,  visualization, cleaning, data analysis, predictive analytics, and reporting can be controlled. SVB also provides access to Visual Basic for Applications and the .NET framework.


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