STATISTICA Technical Support Overview


Technical Support is provided for users of the latest version of the program.

Support includes:

NOTE: Support is not included for desktop purchases of STATISTICA Ultimate Academic Bundle. StatSoft provides free e-learning materials and the StatSoft User Forum.

Installation of STATISTICA

Installation instructions for the most recent versions of STATISTICA are available for download. These instructions outline the recommended methods for installing the software. Configuration and implementation services are offered by our Custom Development department; please contact StatSoft for details.

Types of Questions Answered

StatSoft technicians will answer general questions regarding the usage of the software, limitations of specific procedures, and software and hardware compatibility of StatSoft applications, as well as all instances when the user believes that a StatSoft application malfunctions.

Free technical support does not include:

  • training in the use of the software
  • help with writing macros and other programs in the STATISTICA environment
  • statistical and other forms of consulting
  • questions related to the analyses of specific data sets or theory of data analysis

The standard technical support for enterprise products does not include assistance with the integration of StatSoft products into existing computer infrastructures or any issues related to custom installation and custom configuration.

All these services are available via StatSoft's professional services groups. StatSoft provides implementation, configuration, customization, statistical consulting, training, and validation services. Contact a Statsoft Office to discuss services.

Required Information

When contacting StatSoft for technical support, please include:

  1. your serial number (select the Help tab; in the About group, click STATISTICA to view your serial number)
  2. information about your hardware [the type of processor (CPU), the amount of memory (RAM), and disk space]
  3. the version of the operating system that you are using

Support Hours

For U.S. and Canadian customers, support is provided weekdays between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, Central (US) Time. Call +1 (918) 749-1119.

Customers outside the U.S. can obtain local-language technical support through the local office in their countries. Customers in these locations should contact their local office for specific support hours. Visit the Regional Offices page of our web site for contact information for local offices.

In addition, our World Wide Web and e-mail ( support services can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Getting Started with STATISTICA

  • Getting Started with STATISTICA Video Series - This 13-part video series will help those who are new to STATISTICA or want helpful hints about the use of their software. The series takes about two hours to watch. Each video focuses on one aspect of a basic statistical analysis and presents step-by-step examples. The examples' data sets are installed with STATISTICA, so the learner can also complete the examples.
  • Data Mining with STATISTICA Video Series - This 35-part video series covers concepts, process, and hands-on data mining. The series takes three hours and 40 minutes to watch. The intent of this series is to familiarize you with data mining so that you are empowered to start your own data mining projects and can carry out the projects successfully. You will see the tools that are available, the output they produce with tips about interpreting the output, and how to attain project success.
  • Text Mining with STATISTICA Video Series - This video series covers use cases and concepts for text mining. 
  • Electronic Statistics Textbook  is recommended by Encyclopedia Britannica for its "Quality, Accuracy, Presentation, and Usability." This on-line book covers statistical theory and how to interpret results.
  • Quick Reference - This reference book includes examples, overviews, and illustrations with tips on how to optimize your work.
  • Getting Started with STATISTICA Visual Programming - This document presents examples, step-by-step, to help new developers start working with core objects. There are also two example (C++, VB.NET) applications that use COM to call STATISTICA objects.
  • Getting Started with STATISTICA Enterprise Programming - This document contains an SVB macro and provides a high-level overview of the STATISTICA Enterprise environment.

Additional Sources for Help

The most convenient place to get help and access a vast repository of information about STATISTICA is the application's Help, the Electronic Manual. It contains more than 500 Megabytes of references, illustrations, and examples.

StatSoft's web site offers access to many resources that are useful for data analysis professionals. These include:

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

Users of the latest version of STATISTICA products can download updates. A service pack may not contain fixes to all problems reported prior to the release of the service pack because fixing some of the problems may take time and require extensive testing.


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