Getting Started with STATISTICA

The following e-learning materials are available free of charge. They provide helpful hints and guidance to navigate the software more efficiently.

Getting Started with STATISTICA Video Series - This 13-part video series takes about two hours to watch. Each video focuses on one aspect of a basic statistical analysis and shows step-by step examples. The data sets used in the videos are installed with STATISTICA, so you can also complete the examples.

statistics textbook

Electronic Statistics Textbook is recommended by Encyclopedia Britannica for its "Quality, Accuracy, Presentation, and Usability." This on-line textbook covers statistical theory and how to interpret results.

Data Mining with STATISTICA Video Series - This 35-part video series covers concepts, process, and hands-on data mining. The series takes three hours and 40 minutes to watch. The intent of this series is to familiarize you with data mining so that you are empowered to start your own data mining projects and can carry out the projects successfully. You will see the tools that are available, the output they produce with tips about interpreting the output, and how to display project success.

statistics textbook

STATISTICA Quick Reference - This reference book includes examples, overviews, and illustrations with tips on how to optimize your work.

statistica development

Getting Started with STATISTICA Programming - This document examines concrete examples to help new developers start working with core objects. There are also two example (C++, VB.NET) applications that use COM to call STATISTICA objects.

statistica development

Getting Started with STATISTICA Enterprise Programming - This document provides an overview of the STATISTICA Enterprise environment and examples.



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