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The sheer volume and rampant growth of data generated across industries is staggering and is growing at a rapid rate with technology evolving faster than ever. The possibility of generating data and unlocking valuable intelligence from the compiled data is becoming an invaluable resource to gain powerful insights in every aspect of business development. Using this massive amount of data as new “building blocks”, through precise analytics and management, you can significantly improve your business in terms of discovering new niche markets, profitability, making smarter decisions quickly and efficiently, and gaining competitive advantages over competitors.

Cross-Industry StatSoft Solutions help exploit this incredible amount of structured and unstructured data into useful information and actionable plans by leveraging the analytic and high performance power of STATISTICA HP.  With the STATISTICA Predictive Analytics platform, which is optimized to leverage information contained in large data sets using massively parallel and in-memory processing, coupled with sophisticated and advanced modeling algorithms, you can solve vast arrays of pressing business problems including, but not limited to, understanding customer behavior, managing risk, forecasting demand, controlling and optimizing processes, and recognizing patterns.

The following STATISTICA solutions have been utilized successfully across a wide range of industries spanning domains from Insurance to Pharmaceuticals and Marketing to Semiconductors.

Big Data Solutions

StatSoft Big Data Solutions provide the means for you to build out your big data platform and framework in a manner that will leverage big data.  You can integrate with existing data repositories and IT assets, easily connect and interact with modern big data repositories and applications like Hadoop and other distributed file systems and extract actionable information to optimize processes, solve problems and lead to improved ROI.  STATISTICA is built with state-of-the-art technology, and adheres to accepted interface, connectivity standards and best practices.  This means the platform is truly open and limitless as specific requirements and use cases emerge.  Moreover, Statsoft’s years of experience and proven expertise in big-data applications ranging from diverse cross-industrial domains can help you access, process and leverage big data and lead to “big insights” with relative ease and precision.

Customer Analytics Solutions

Analyze customer needs, behaviors and preferences to predict future customer’s interaction and behavior through powerful data mining techniques employed by STATISTICA. Customer Analytic Solutions will help you to quickly make strategic decisions more intelligently and efficiently. Customer data can be leveraged to gain valuable insights about products, increase sales and services, lower costs, and price competitively.

Data Mining Solutions

Extract valuable information by leveraging your organization’s data into actionable outcomes, helping make smarter data-driven decisions and planning with StatSoft Data Mining Solutions.  With STATISTICA advanced data mining models, you can predict outcomes, anticipate new opportunities, and derive insights to increase productivity and recognize emerging trends for your business. The STATISTICA Data Analysis and Data Mining Platform offers the most comprehensive state-of-the-art technology and effective system of user-friendly tools for the entire data mining process, from querying databases , developing powerful data mining models and solutions to deploying the models easily and efficiently.

Demand Forecasting Solutions

Understand consumer demand for goods and services and harness it to optimize operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability with powerful predictive analytics and forecasting models. With STATISTICA, you can accurately build demand forecasting models using a wide variety of analytics tools-from traditional statistical approaches to advanced neural networks and data mining methods to detect patterns in consumer behavior and trends, identify consumer needs, efficiently manage inventory and reduce losses from mismanagement of supply chain.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

StatSoft’s Predictive Analytics Solutions includes a broad spectrum of products and services which can be customized to meet individual needs, reaching and exceeding your organization’s specific goals through leveraging the data that your company has already collected and manages.  The StatSoft Predictive Analytics Solutions will turn your data into profitability and rapid ROI by applying advanced and powerful STATISTICA predictive models.  StatSoft provides solutions for data analysis and advanced predictive modeling in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, Automotive Manufacturing, Financial Services and Insurance, Medical Device Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Manufacturing and Semiconductors.

Real Time Scoring Solutions

Instant decisions and rapid detection of potential customers are necessary for the demands of an industry that change in real time.  As technology evolves, so does our need to accommodate this proliferating trend. With STATISTICA Live Score, a multi-threaded, efficient and platform-independent application, you can create an opportunity to expand your business by effectively exploiting the real-time data.  Decisions can be made and scored by advanced algorithms as customers are browsing a product online, applying for credit or insurance and event detecting fraud among many other real-time transactions. With StatSoft Real Time Scoring Solutions, you can get an instant answers complete with full terms, recommend relevant products (up-sell-cross-sell), provide personnel with targeted information to enhance customer interaction, enable credit scorecards to customer service application, enable customer segmentation, identify market expansion opportunities, and proactively monitor transactions to mitigate fraud in real-time.

R-Integration Solutions

With STATISTICA’s R-Integration, you can retain all the powerful features of STATISTICA and STATISTICA Enterprise yet maintain the flexibility and customizability of R. Using the StatSoft R Integration Solution, you can run R scripts directly from STATISTICA and use STATISTICA datasets in the R environment to retrieve tabular results from R programs into STATISTICA spreadsheets.  You can also call R scripts from STATISTICA leveraging R libraries and create reusable R-based analysis configurations/templates to deliver the power of R to users not familiar with R programming.  Moreover, you can create and run R-based STATISTICA Data Miner nodes integrating specialized R routines into STATISTICA Data Miner.  Finally, you can run R from STATISTICA Enterprise Server to create powerful, secure, multi-processor R servers with load balancing and batch-job capabilities.

Sentiment Analysis Solutions

Extract meaningful patterns and attitude of customers by analyzing textual information that is digitally stored in reports, internal documents, forms, data repositories, and social media. StatSoft Sentiment Analysis Solution can provide you with powerful analysis tool to gauze sentiment towards a product, identify quality issues, detect fraud in insurance and warranty claims, and appropriately carry-out marketing campaigns based on surveys and social media in real time.

Text Mining Solutions

The vast majority of business data are stored as unstructured data which is difficult to leverage in traditional predictive analytics. The STATISTICA Text Miner Solution is specifically optimized and enhanced to provide the ease for discovering new, previously unknown but potentially useful information from a variety of unstructured data. You can analyze the contents of Web pages, include unstructured notes in predictive data mining projects, analyze customer complaints and explore large document repositories of insurance and warranty claims. It is scalable and uses multi-threaded computing technology to extract optimum performance from advance multi-processor server hardware.

STATISTICA Solutions Provide

  • Customize the vocabulary: The tool allows the specification of synonyms, phrases and word to include or exclude to customize the analysis. These lists are specific to the domain and this customization leads to the most interesting results.
  • Cutting-edge Predictive Analytics: STATISTICA provides a wide variety of basic to sophisticated algorithms to build models which provide the most lift and highest accuracy for improved customer analytics.
  • Deployment code for multiple applications: Build custom deployment applications using code generated in STATISTICA for C/C++, C#, Java, SQL, etc.
  • Detect changes over time in what is said in free text: Tracking word frequencies and SVD allows the detection of shifts that indicate changes worth exploring and addressing.
  • Easy to use Wizard approach to Data Mining: Data Miner Recipe guides through the steps of data mining and predictive analytic projects to clean the data and prepare it, build models and deploy.
  • Enhanced Text Analytics: STATISTICA provides an advanced text miner tool to better leverage unstructured/textual data.
  • Enterprise wide solution: A multi-user, role based, secure STATISTICA Enterprise platform allows for a truly collaborative environment to build, test and deploy the best possible models.
  • Find relationships between terms: Using singular value decomposition results, find key words that occur together frequently in text to reveal how conversations are focused.
  • Improve predictive models: Since free form text expands the focus in predictive modeling, new patterns and relationships are uncovered. Incorporating text mining results with data mining and predictive modeling yields better lift.
  • Innovative Data Pre-processing Tools: STATISTICA provides a very comprehensive list of data management and data visualization tools.
  • Integrated Workflow: STATISTICA Decisioning platform provides a streamlined workflow for powerful, rules-based, predictive analytics where business rules and industry regulations are used in conjunction with advanced analytics to build the best models
  • Model, reporting, and general analytic templates and lifecycle management. The ability to impose version control and life cycle management for all analytic reporting, modeling, scoring, and other analytic processes translates into a well-managed and successful approach to big-data analytics.
  • Open architecture and easiest to integrate and connect. STATISTICA is built with modern software tools and compliant with modern software standards; it is the easiest to integrate with existing IT assets, databases, LIMS systems, and data entry and gathering devices and tools, as well as existing reporting tools.
  • Powerful Statistical Tools: STATISTICA provides you with an arsenal of the most power statistical tools available.
  • Predictive and Data Mining tools: The most comprehensive selection of predictive modeling tools is available in STATISTICA Data Miner.
  • Reflexive models for real-time needs: Use Live Score® to process new issues as they occur, and update your models in turn-around times made possible only by STATISTICA’s integrated solutions.
  • Turn free-form text into predictor variables: STATISTICA Text Miner indexes terms from free form text and creates numeric indices and components that can be used to broaden your analysis.    

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