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Industries including Retail, Banking, Insurance and Marketing, among others, are investing their time and money on analytics to understand customer behavior more effectively. All key business decisions can be made by properly understanding the behavior of the customer through performing analyses such as market segmentation and predictive analytics. Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) models will play a vital role in improving sales, marketing and customer service.

One solution among those provided by StatSoft that is used in Customer Analytics is the Propensity & Best-Next Action Modeling Solution seen below.

STATISTICA provides advanced analytic tools to build Customer Behavior Scoring Models to understand the behavior of customers. These models enable companies to understand customer’s opinion regarding a product based on previous actions. Highly sophisticated and robust tools are also available for performing a Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) analysis to understand customer behavior and define market segments based on Recency, Frequency and Monetary values of the previous purchases.


  • Enterprise wide solution: A multi-user, role based, secure STATISTICA Enterprise platform allows for a truly collaborative environment to build, test and deploy the best possible models.
  • Enhanced Text Analytics: STATISTICA provides an advanced text miner tool to better leverage unstructured/textual data.
  • Cutting-edge Predictive Analytics: STATISTICA provides a wide variety of basic to sophisticated algorithms to build models which provide the most lift and highest accuracy for improved customer analytics.
  •  Innovative Data Pre-processing Tools: STATISTICA provides a very comprehensive list of data management and data visualization tools.
  • Powerful Statistical Tools: STATISTICA provides you with an arsenal of the most power statistical tools available.
  • Reflexive models for real-time needs: Use Live Score® to process new issues as they occur, and update your models in turn-around times made possible only by STATISTICA’s integrated solutions.
  • Integrated Workflow: STATISTICA Decisioning platform provides a streamlined workflow for powerful, rules-based, predictive analytics where business rules and industry regulations are used in conjunction with advanced analytics to build the best models.

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