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Data Mining is the differentiator. Some have labeled the current period, appropriately, as “The Age of Analytics,” a period in which the information age has led us to the application of analytics to derive insights from these incredible sources of data. 

At StatSoft, we have the opportunity to collaborate with, consult, and train colleagues in the areas of data analysis and predictive modeling in a variety of industries: automotive manufacturing, financial services, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing, semiconductors, etc. What our experience has taught us is that, in a competitive economy, companies can focus on opportunities for utilizing advantages and streamlining. One category of opportunity is to leverage the data that your company has already collected and manages.

Moreover, if you are collecting large amounts of data, or Big Data, the Data Mining Solution can accommodate those needs as shown in the following example.


The STATISTICA Data Analysis and Data Mining Platform, including the STATISTICA Data Miner software, offers the most comprehensive and effective system of user-friendly tools for the entire data mining process - from querying databases to generating final reports. StatSoft's data mining and predictive modeling software is available in single workstation, multiple-user (concurrent user licensing), and Enterprise editions.

STATISTICA Text Miner is an optional extension of STATISTICA Data Miner, ideal for translating unstructured text data into meaningful information.

Enterprise Analytics provides an efficient server-platform for off-loading resource-intensive model-building tasks, Web browser-based or Windows workstation clients, and central configurations of queries, analyses, report templates, and models.

STATISTICA Live Score® is STATISTICA Server software within the STATISTICA Data Analysis and Data Mining Platform. Data are aggregated and cleaned and models are trained and validated using the STATISTICA Data Miner software. Once the models are validated, they are deployed to the STATISTICA Live Score Server. STATISTICA Live Score provides multi-threaded, efficient, and platform-independent scoring of data from line-of-business applications.

STATISTICA Decisioning Platform® is a tool to efficiently deliver accurate predictive models for improved decision making throughout an organization.

STATISTICA Process Optimization, an optional extension of STATISTICA Data Miner, is a powerful software solution designed to monitor processes and identify and anticipate problems related to quality control and improvement with unmatched sensitivity and effectiveness.

Services (Consulting, Training)

StatSoft's Professional Services offer predictive analytics modeling, consulting and training. StatSoft offers an efficient 'Quick Start' package of training and consulting as an optional addition to the licensing of the STATISTICA Data Miner software, assisting new users with delivering business value and return-on-investment as quickly as possible after the acquisition of the software. StatSoft's consultants take a collaborative approach to projects, mapping the scope of services to fit your business priorities and available resources.

Information about Data Mining Methods

Below are useful links to StatSoft's overviews of popular data mining methods provided in the STATISTICA Data Miner platform:

Data Miner Testimonials

Rexer Survey logo

The largest international survey of data mining practitioners reports highest levels of adoption and satisfaction with StatSoft's STATISTICA software...

— 2011 Rexer Data Miner Survey
Summer, 2012

Rajshahi University logo"We have purchased STATISTICA Data Miner software for our department from Arc Bangladesh Ltd. On 15th and 16th of October 2012 StatSoft India in collaboration with Arc Bangladesh Ltd. conducted two days training program... We found the training program very informative for our faculties and students."

— Dr. Mohammed Nasser
Chairman & Prof., Dept. of Statistics
Rajshahi University, Bangladesh
October 22, 2012



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