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R language statistics STATISTICA offers one of the most comprehensive analytics toolkits available and continues to add more functionality with every release. For testing brand new or very specialized algorithms, STATISTICA integrates with the popular R programing language and harnesses its power. R is an open source programing language, with experts from all fields of study contributing analysis packages. By integrating R with STATISTICA, the tools of both are available.

Combining these tools has some definite advantages. For instance, managing output in R is cumbersome and graphs made in R cannot be easily modified. However, when the R scripts are run in STATISTICA those problems are avoided, because R output can be made available as STATISTICA spreadsheets and graphs. Additionally, STATISTICA’s flexibility allows for the creation of new tools that harness the power of R. You can create a custom workspace node or menu item to perform specialized data mining tasks not yet available in commercial software. STATISTICA Enterprise can also run R analyses, so you can automate analysis, output, and alarms based on an analysis in R. For very large data files and computationally intensive analytics, you can offload an R analysis to the server to speed computation and keep your local resources free.

For additional information, see the R Integration Overview and R Integration Technical White Paper


  • Comprehensive Statistical Tools package: STATISTICA Data Miner provides you with an arsenal of the most powerful statistical tools available. With R integration, that toolkit is expanded.
  • Innovative Data Pre-processing Tools: With R integration, the analysis can easily run on data in a STATISTICA spreadsheet, allowing you to take advantage of the very comprehensive list of data management and data visualization tools for pre-processing the data.
  • Access R Output in Spreadsheets: The results of the R analysis can easily be stored in STATISTICA spreadsheets, making it easy to use the results in downstream analysis.
  • Create Custom Analytic Tools that Harness the Power of R: STATISTICA enables the creation of custom tools and procedures. Create a custom analysis as a new menu item, a workspace node or Enterprise analysis configuration to run specialized analyses using R packages. The end user doesn’t need to know R or any programing language.
  • Automate Analyses in R: STATISTICA Enterprise will run R scripts to automate the R analysis and report generation. Set up the analysis to run on a schedule or on demand.
  • Create a Scalable, Multi-Processor, Multi-User R Server: With STATISTICA Server, run the R script or custom R analysis on the server, distributed over multiple processors.

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