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The application of predictive analytics is imperative to solve many critical business problems. By applying predictive analytics to determine patterns of historical data, a business enterprise can better refine and achieve its objectives for customer acquisition, customer retention, employee performance, decreased risk, and increased profits. Instant decisions are vital to success. As business evolves, so do our needs and the solutions required to meet those needs. Thus, real-time scoring becomes a necessity for ongoing success. 

For credit and insurance applicants, real-time scoring means instant answers complete with full terms. For retailers, real-time scoring means relevant product recommendations and coupons before transactions are complete. For service companies, real-time scoring means targeted information provided to personnel so they can better serve customers and maintain customer loyalty. The quick responses from predictive models can help companies across all industries to be more competitive.


  • Real-Time Scoring for Instant Answers: STATISTICA Live Score® is an efficient, multi-threaded, and platform-independent scoring tool.
  • Predictive and Data Mining Tools: The most comprehensive selection of predictive modeling tools is available in STATISTICA Data Miner.
  • Easy-To-Use Wizard Approach to Data Mining: Data Miner Recipes guide you through the steps of data mining and predictive analytic projects to clean and prepare data, build models, and deploy.
  • Deployment Code for Multiple Applications: No hand-coding needed! STATISTICA automatically generates necessary code as you build custom deployment applications.
  • Organization and Collaboration: STATISTICA Enterprise simplifies the process of maintaining current predictive models for deployment.  

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Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark and one of the largest financial institutions in northern Europe, implemented STATISTICA to maximize efficiency and minimize operational risk



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