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Access the EPRI report detailing our technology's optimization of a coal-fired power plant.

The Oil and Gas industry is now challenged with increasing competition, regulatory concerns and new stringent federal guidelines while trying to meet growing demand. It is imperative that the Oil and Gas plants ensure stable/robust operations with minimal downtime and reduced emission.

StatSoft Power Solutions, based on cutting edge, proprietary, predictive data mining and analytics, are easy and quick to implement, produce immediate, significant improvement, and are offered at a fraction of the cost of the respective hardware upgrades necessary to produce similar - but often not as effective outcomes.

Whether you are looking to optimize combustion (OFA), stabilize operations, reduce emissions, or predict problems, StatSoft Power Solutions will assist in leveraging your current data to help increase profits and meet recently mandated federal regulations.


  • Optimize Combustion: Cyclone, wall-fired, t-fired. Robust flame temperatures. Primary, secondary, and tertiary air values
  • Stabilize Operations: Avoid uncontrolled emissions, excursions, expensive downtime, and generation rollbacks
  • Reduce Emissions: NOx, CO, LOI
  • Predict Problems: Emissions related to combustion optimization, Maintenance issues


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