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Credit scoring is no longer a simple process of calculating a score to determine a customer's credit-worthiness. Instead, credit scoring has become a complex, multi-stage event requiring a comprehensive solution that takes into account not only the customer's information, but a full spectrum of credit scoring issues. A modern scoring package must also accommodate a company's data preparation and model building needs, including tools that can evaluate the accuracy, efficiency, and functionality of models in use.

STATISTICA Credit Scoring Solution uses the latest techniques and algorithms for model building and ease of deployment necessary to meet the rapidly changing landscape of credit application.


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  • Comprehensive Range of Tools: STATISTICA incorporates tools for the full range of credit scoring needs. Data preparation, attribute building, weight of evidence coding, scorecard building, model selection, model evaluation, cut-off point selection and population stability are all incorporated into one software package.
  • Use Models Company-Wide:  Build models in one department, test models in another department and then score credit in offices worldwide.  Use STATISTICA Enterprise to leverage the full power of a truly collaborative tool to build and use the best credit scoring models available.
  • Provide Reflexive Models to Real-Time Needs.  Apply STATISTICA Live Score to credit cases as they are initiated, and update credit scoring models in rapid turn-around times made possible only by STATISTICA’s integrated solutions.

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Success Stories

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Danske Bank implemented STATISTICA Decisioning Platform to maximize efficiency and minimize operational risk in credit scoring. Read more about it here.

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This case study outlines the process of how STATISTICA Data Miner was used to prepare data, build and deploy models for credit scoring.



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