StatSoft Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

STATISTICA serves as an analytic software platform for many areas within the Healthcare industry including Hospital Systems, University Hospitals and Research Centers, and Healthcare Insurance Providers.

Community Hospitals / Research Hospitals

As many hospital organizations have embraced the measurement and analysis techniques provided in the Six Sigma approach, STATISTICA serves as the analytics platform for Six Sigma programs and implementations of any size. Six Sigma's emphasis on measurement and analysis requires a full-featured statistical analysis software system. STATISTICA provides all necessary analytic tools to empower the Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts with the analytic tools to explore data, determine the most important factors, and perform data-driven decision-making. These tools are integrated with the Hospital Information Management System to monitor and evaluate trends and performance in critical business processes and parameters such as lengths of stays, frequencies of diagnoses across time, breakdowns of diagnoses across hospital sites, billing delays, and times until receipt of payment, etc.

STATISTICA provides all of the analytic tools to support researchers in their investigations, from exploratory graphical tools, comparisons of groups, and data reduction techniques (e.g., Principal Components, Factor Analysis) to Report templating, generation (batch or user-initiated) and automatic distribution to a wider audience.

Healthcare Insurance

STATISTICA provides the analytics platform to automate the analyses necessary to monitor claims. STATISTICA provides a robust platform for generating Reports summarizing historical trends and new developments in type of claims, breakdowns by geography, etc. STATISTICA's comprehensive set of data mining methods are deployed as robust detectors of outlier and potential fraudulent claims.


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