STATISTICA Solution for Efficient Patient Management and Safety

In the rapidly developing field of healthcare that constantly undergoes structural, economic, and legislative changes, hospitals, health plan providers, insurers, and medical professionals on all levels work to improve current processes, reduce risks and costs, and increase quality. In this process a lot of data is being collected from various sides of healthcare organizations, including clinical data, insurance data, health plan data, etc. The usual challenges include merging all data together, creating meaningful audit and legislation compliant reports, automating quality control with dashboard applications, and setting up proactive alarming systems to notify on dangerous trends.

The STATISTICA Solution for Efficient Patient Management and Safety provides a configurable platform to address those challenges. Comprehensive collection of analytic and graphical modules supports model building and reporting for tasks, like patient and physician profiling, recurrences and readmissions forecasting, total cost and risks estimation, and many other research types. Additionally, STATISTICA combines analytics with a decisioning engine that enables direct integration of medical knowledge into modeling, enables conclusions from models in terms of prescriptions, usually referenced as prescriptive analytics. Detailed reports and logs maintained during the operation ensure audit compliance.


  • Enterprise wide solution: A multi-user, role based, secure STATISTICA Enterprise Server allows for a truly collaborative environment for building, testing, and deployment of analytics models and reports.
  • Integrated decisioning workflow: STATISTICA Decisioning Platform provides a streamlined workflow for powerful, rules-based, predictive analytics where business rules and industry regulations are used in conjunction with advanced analytics.
  • Recurrences and readmission predictions with variety of analytics tools optimized to work with large data volumes.
  • Physician, provider, patient profiling with a comprehensive set of tools for segmentation.
  • Risk estimation and prescriptions to reduce it.
  • Analytic dashboards for continuous monitoring and analytic reporting.

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