StatSoft Solutions for the Hospitality & Gaming Industry

StatSoft Solutions for the Hospitality and Gaming Industry help keep the investments made in upscale properties and state-of-the-art equipment earning profit, and also reduce unnecessary expenses which eat away at the bottom line.  When you are relying on revenue from average daily rates, revenue per available room, hold percentage, drop and slot handle, it is incumbent upon industry leaders to maximize charges according to usage, booking levels and facility utilization.  Solutions to maximize these key performance indicators can often be the deciding factor between success and failure.

Churn Analysis Solution

Businesses in every industry, and in particular the Hospitality and Gaming Industry, face stiff competition for acquiring and retaining customers. Of primary concern is the retention of existing customers who may be considering purchasing products or services from competitors before they go to the competitor. The Churn Analysis Solution help to keep these customers through aiding in the development of effective marketing campaigns and even identifying the most valuable customers based on profit margin.

Customer Loyalty Solution

In the Hospitality and Gaming Industry acquiring new customers is much harder than holding onto existing customers.  It pays to keep loyal customers, and a major concern of every company in the industry is keeping these loyal customers.  The Customer Loyalty solution provides an automated way of identifying which customers have a high probability of loyalty using advanced predictive analytics.  The solution will also provide reasons why they may, or may not be, loyal using root cause analysis.  This enables the ability to suggest the next best action to keep loyal customers coming back to an establishment.

STATISTICA Solutions Provide

  • Optimized Results: Compare the latest data mining algorithms side-by-side to determine which models provide the most gain.
  • Monitoring System: An easy-to-use analytic dashboard facilitates 24/7 monitoring and helps to control prediction accuracy over time.
  • Leading-Edge Predictive Analytics: Sophisticated algorithms to build models that provide the highest accuracy and best ROI.
  • Integrated Workflow: STATISTICA Decisioning Platform® provides a streamlined workflow where business rules and industry regulations are used in conjunction with advanced analytics to build powerful predictive models.
  • Enterprise-Wide Solution: A multi-user, role-based, secure STATISTICA Enterprise platform allows for a truly collaborative environment to build, test, and deploy the best possible models.
  • Enhanced Text Analytics: Advanced text miner tool leverages unstructured/textual data such as claim notes within the model building process.
  • Batch or Real-Time Processing: Use the models you have built to determine churn and indicate, either by batch or in real-time, the customers who are likely to transfer their business to another company.
  • Comprehensive Statistical Tools package: STATISTICA Data Miner provides you with an arsenal of the most powerful statistical tools available.
  • Full Range of Solutions: Data preparation, attribute building, weight of evidence coding, scorecard building, model selection, model evaluation, cut-off point selection, and population stability are all incorporated into one software package.
  • Reflexive Models for Real-Time Needs: Live Score® processes new customers instantly and updates models in rapid turn-around times made possible only by STATISTICA’s integrated solutions.
  • The Most Powerful Algorithms Available: STATISTICA incorporates not only logistic regression and Cox Proportional Hazards, but also other powerful data mining algorithms such as decision trees and neural networks, which are being incorporated into risk models.

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