Risk Management

Regulatory uncertainties and growing competition in the insurance industry are placing pressure on insurance companies to be more customerÔÇÉcentric for the “right” customers in their operations. In particular, insurance companies are focusing on providing the “right” level of service to the “right” customers. As the complexities of risk evolve with time, insurance companies are challenged more and more to identify high-risk customers using their regular tools.

The STATISTICA Risk Management solution for insurance has been proven at some of the largest and most progressive insurance companies in the world. Our solution provides advanced analytical tools that enable insurance companies to gain more profitable customers and to decrease risks.


  • Full Range of Solutions: Data preparation, attribute building, weight of evidence coding, scorecard building, model selection, model evaluation, cut-off point selection, and population stability are all incorporated into one software package.
  • Streamlined Process:  Scorecard solutions integrate the various tools needed to provide a comprehensive risk modeling package.
  • The Most Powerful Algorithms Available: STATISTICA incorporates not only logistic regression and Cox Proportional Hazards, but also other powerful data mining algorithms such as decision trees and neural networks, which are being incorporated into risk models.
  • Reflexive Models for Real-Time Needs: Live Score® processes new customers instantly and updates risk models in rapid turnaround times made possible only by STATISTICA’s integrated solutions.

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