Consumer Product Manufacturing

Organizations in the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry rely on STATISTICA as an integral analytics platform for new product development, product optimization, and quality control.

In particular, Predictive Quality Control is becoming a necessity in the CPG industry in order to reduce costs and maximize production. This can be achieved through predicting problems and addressing them before they occur as show in the following example.


  • Research & Development: Improvements in the time-consuming and expensive process of research and development translate directly to the organization's bottom line. Research organizations have experienced the positive impact of the deployment of the STATISTICA Enterprise platform. STATISTICA is the multi-user, server-based analytics platform to empower scientists with analytical tools that are easy to use, relevant, and integrated with their data sources.

    The STATISTICA platform results in hard and soft ROI by:
    • Empowering scientists with the analytic and exploratory tools to make more sound decisions and gain greater insights from the valuable data that they collect
    • Saving the scientists' time by integrating analytics in their core processes
    • Saving the statisticians' time to focus on the delivery and packaging of effective analytic tools within the STATISTICA framework
    • Increasing the level of collaboration across the R&D organization by sharing study results, findings, and reports
    STATISTICA provides a broad base of integrated statistical and graphical tools including:
  • Quality Control: The STATISTICA Enterprise suite of products aids the compliance and Quality Control efforts of CPG Manufacturing organizations. STATISTICA is being used to automate the analysis of new batches, empower analysts with easy to use querying tools for accessing historical data (e.g., the samples from January through March), and automate the production of standard reports.

    The STATISTICA platform provides a wealth of Quality Control techniques including all of the standard Quality Control Charts and specialized charts such as EWMA and CUSUM charts integrated in a platform that can be used either in automatic updating mode or as an offline tool.

    STATISTICA integrates directly with their data repositories. The STATISTICA software stores definitions of these repositories centrally for all STATISTICA Users, so that analyses are easily run on either the latest or historical data. Interactive filtering in STATISTICA is provided through a set of easy to use user interfaces for selecting criteria (e.g., Product(s), Date/Time range, Sample or Batch Numbers, etc.).

    Report templating and Report generation are important features for these applications. STATISTICA allows for the central configuration and administration of Report Templates. These Report Templates are wedded with the results from the latest analyses to automate the production of standard Reports. The Reports are outputted in PDF, HTML or a Word Processor-compatible (e.g., MS Word) format.

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