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Our customers are sharing their opinions in a variety of ways including public forums and social media as well as reviews and customer surveys. These opinions can be used to improve the products we offer and the overall customer experience if we only have the right tool set for the job. The wealth of information available isn’t always put to use in the development of products or marketing plans.

With STATISTICA Enterprise and Data Miner, your business can enact an efficient process of collecting and analyzing customer insight data. The results can give a clear picture for areas that need improvement and where we excel.  The company can then begin to turn this information into action to improve the customer experience.


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  • Powerful Statistical Tools:  STATISTICA provides you with an arsenal of the most powerful statistical tools available.  Find complex patterns and relationships in customer feedback data with advanced data mining tools.  Analyze the success and feedback of marketing campaigns.
  • Innovative Data Pre-processing Tools: STATISTICA provides a very comprehensive list of data management and data visualization tools.
  • Cutting-edge Predictive Analytics: STATISTICA provides a wide variety of basic to sophisticated algorithms to build models which provide the most lift and highest accuracy.
  • Enhanced-Text Analytics:  STATISTICA provides an advanced text miner tool to better leverage unstructured/textual data. Transform unstructured text from customer reviews and social media into numeric indices ready for analysis.  Isolate key words and phrases in online discussions that relate to metrics of interest.
  • Enterprise-wide solution:  Automate the collection of customer feedback data and reporting with STATISTICA Enterprise reports.
  • Reflexive models for real time needs:  Use Live Score® to process new issues as they occur, and update your models in turn-around times made possible only by STATISTICA’s integrated solutions.  Monitor these insight streams for shifts that can alert you to quality issues or changes in brand perception.
  • Integrated Workflow: STATISTICA Decisioning platform provides a streamlined workflow for powerful, rules-based, predictive analytics where business rules and industry regulations are used in conjunction with advanced analytics to build the best models.

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STATISTICA Text Miner has been used to track and analyze what is happening in social media outlets including Twitter and YouTube. These case studies show the valuable information gained by analyzing this content.

Case Study: Text Mining Twitter

Case Study: Text Mining YouTube



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