Predictive Quality Control

Quality control is a goal worth pursuing in any process—manufacturing, customer service, accounting, sales, etc.—that can benefit from a proactive methodology. In any manufacturing process, for instance, it is important to make sure your end product meets specifications. However, rather than fix problems only after they have negatively impacted production, it is often more cost-effective to monitor the process continuously from beginning to end, watching for potential problems.

STATISTICA’s Predictive Quality Control solution not only provide a picture of what’s happening right now, it also makes it possible for you to analyze what has gone right (and wrong) in the past. This enables you to predict future problem areas, optimize the workflow, and continuously adapt and improve your process.


  • Real-Time Capability: Continuous monitoring of any process to see what’s happening now.
  • Cutting-Edge Predictive Analytics: Predictive modeling of historical process data to optimize workflows.
  • Enterprise-Wide Solution: Deployment of predictive models to anticipate potential future problems.
  • Wide Array of Tools: Quality Control Charts, Design of Experiments, Multiple Regression, Analysis of Variance, Non-Parametric Statistics, and more

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