Manufacturing semiconductors is one of the most complex as well as expensive automated manufacturing environments in existence. The typical process involves the automated application of hundreds of processing steps to lots of silicon wafers, each containing a large number of microchips. The goal of creating a high yield process where a sufficient portion of chips pass final acceptance testing is extremely difficult to obtain. At the same time, the cost of failure in this environment is significant, as each wafer can be many times more valuable than even the most precious metal by weight. Moreover, unexpectedly long ramp-up times which are required to create a reliable production process may significantly undercut the commercial value of the final product, jeopardizing the huge investment in semiconductor manufacturing.

The STATISTICA Semiconductor Solution provides a set of tools for engineers to understand and proactively monitor these processes. Manufacturing processes involve a complex sequence of unit operations, with interactions between upstream and downstream processing, raw materials, media, and instrumentation. These manufacturing processes require that the quality assurance professionals and managers have access to the Hierarchical Process Cube that contains all information about how the material moved through the sequence of steps, so that meaningful monitoring, qc-charting, reporting, and root cause and other analyses can be performed. With Product Traceability in STATISTICA Enterprise, engineers and analysts select the relevant process and easily gain access to the necessary data to review the movement of materials and batches through the production process.


  • Product Traceability:  The STATISTICA Product Traceability capabilities of the Enterprise platform provide a natural and straightforward method to automate the data preprocessing needed to enable required reporting or data analyses. It can be easily configured to reflect the nature of the respective manufacturing process.

  • Cutting-edge Predictive Analytics: STATISTICA provides a wide variety of high-performance, award-winning, sophisticated algorithms to build models which provide the highest accuracy in predicting quality outcomes or failures as well as root cause analysis.

  • Innovative Data Pre-processing Tools: STATISTICA provides a very comprehensive list of data management and data visualization tools.

  • Integrated Workflow: STATISTICA Decisioning Platform provides a streamlined workflow for powerful, rules-based, predictive analytics where business rules and industry regulations are used in conjunction with advanced analytics to build the best models.

  • Optimized Results: Compare the latest data mining algorithms side-by-side to determine which models provide the most gain with ease.

  • Role-Based, Enterprise-Wide Scope: In a multi-user collaborative environment, you can use STATISTICA Enterprise to share data, improve models, and benefit from a collaborative work group.

  • Text Mining of Unstructured Data: Improve models by leveraging your unstructured data through powerful text mining algorithms.

  • Open architecture and ease of  integration. STATISTICA is built with modern software tools and compliant with modern software standards. That makes it the easiest to integrate with existing IT assets, databases, LIMS systems, and data entry and gathering devices and tools, as well as existing reporting tools.

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STATISTICA Data Miner and other statistical analysis algorithms are used to provide the core support in KLA-Tencor's yield analysis and management systems. Because StatSoft is the recognized leader in the application of advanced, cutting-edge data mining techniques, KLA-Tencor has chosen STATISTICA and StatSoft as the partner, to provide critical advanced data analysis and data mining support for dedicated yield management solutions for the semiconductor industries. Indeed, the complete programmability and customizability of the STATISTICA system make it the ideal toolkit for these types of custom solution systems.


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