Revenue Optimization

Every seller on the market—be it a retail chain, airline, hotel, or a small grocery store—faces a set of fundamental questions related to the selling format, sale price, and sale volume of every product or service offered. Naturally, the best answers to these questions lead to decisions that maximize revenue. However, as the amount of market data continuously grows, more and more factors can be taken into consideration. And because the time for addressing these questions continuously shortens, the decision process must be optimized in order for a business to remain competitive.

Consequently, the solution to support this decision process should be able to analyze different scenarios, incorporate price elasticity curves, build demand forecasts, consider commodities, and use all relevant external indicators such as seasonality and special days, local economy health, consumer confidence, and, in some cases, even weather. The STATISTICA Revenue Optimization solution automates the decision processes, utilizes all information available, and builds accurate predictions for the future.


  • Comprehensive predictive analytics toolset: STATISTICA provides a comprehensive set of tools for optimization, demand forecasting, and decisioning.
  • Easy scenarios analysis: Solution utilizes Monte-Carlo simulation approach to perform analysis of different scenarios.
  • Enterprise-wide system: Enables collaborative work of different categories of users
  • Open architecture:  Offers convenient ways to utilize custom interface, easy integration with current systems.
  • Broad reporting capabilities: Offering prescriptions and action plans for the different categories of users.

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