Sentiment Analysis

Dynamic streams of textual information are becoming more common with rapid development of social media, customer surveys, and text messages. Timely analysis of this unstructured data can provide marketers a competitive advantage through early trend detection in customer preferences, early alarming on emerging issues, and monitoring of competitors’ activities.

StatSoft’s state-of-the-art analysis tools can easily present a multi-topic summary of customer sentiments on a single dashboard, allowing business users to create ad hoc reports or obtain details of any alarm in a timely fashion. Connecting to relevant data sources is easy, because STATISTICA’s sentiment analysis solution integrates directly with databases or live feeds, such as Twitter, etc. Our sentiment analysis solution can also help to provide numeric inputs for marketing campaigns and media mix optimization, customer response models, etc.


  • Measure the Sentiment: Convert customer comments into a single numeric index that summarizes attitudes and views.
  • Track Changes in Customer Opinions: Receive early notifications of any significant changes in customer feedback.
  • Easy Integration with Other Analysis: Results of sentiment analysis can be used to build predictive models and optimize marketing campaigns.
  • Support for Multiple Languages: Analyze opinions of customers all over the globe.
  • Multi-Threading and High Performance: Take advantage of modern hardware and software technologies.

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