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Tips and tricks you may find helpful when writing code for STATISTICA.

For..Next Loop Precision: Notes From a Turkey Bacon Thief

by Neptune, Sovereign of the Seas and Ruler of the Briny Deep on Friday, September 23, 2011 2:37 PM

 So here's the story behind this blog posting. In our last (and also first) posting, Pharyn and I noted that "For..Next Loop" precision would be the next topic. That topic really came out of nowhere. While attempting to drag Pharyn outside (She's 65 pounds, and all of it's muscle) to punish her for eating AN ENTIRE POUND of RAW TURKEY BACON that she STOLE OFF OF THE KITCHEN COUNTER (Really. I swear.), she pleaded with me to take it easy on her 


About Option Explicit: A Word From My Dog

by Neptune, Sovereign of the Seas and Ruler of the Briny Deep on Thursday, August 18, 2011 3:57 PM

This blog explains why using 'Option Explicit' for all but the simplest of STATISTICA Visual Basic (SVB) macros is desirable.

So I was talking with my dog, Pharyn, the other day, and she was telling me that—wait, perhaps I'd best backtrack and provide a little explanation: Pharyn is my family's dog. Well, Pharyn Rose, actually; my step-daughters didn’t think just ‘Pharyn’ was feminine enough. She's a whip-smart Dalmatian-Pitbull Terrier mix with the endurance of a sled dog, the strength of a grizzly bear, the heart of a lion, and the brain of someone whose idea of quality television doesn't include "The Jersey Shore," “Big Brother,” or so-called ‘reality TV’ programming in general.


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