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SPOTLIGHT ON: Eric Kyper, Ph.D.

by STATISTICA on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 11:02 AM

Dr. Eric Kyper has been a STATISTICA user for many years. He's used it in his schooling as well as in his teaching. He took a moment to sit down with us to discuss his use of the software.

  1. Tell us about your education and career.
    I have a Ph.D. in information systems from the University of Rhode Island. Currently, I teach and conduct research in MIS, statistics, and data mining at Lynchburg College in Virginia.

What challenges did you face that drove you to use STATISTICA?
During my masters program, I needed data analysis software that was comprehensive with both classical statistical algorithms and cutting-edge data mining tools to complete my thesis. At that time I was working on a reliability study comparing OLS regression, neural networks, and MARS (multivariate adaptive regression splines) with non-linear noisy data. The only package that came close to having everything  I needed was STATISTICA.

How do you use STATISTICA?
Currently, I make great use of the time-series capabilities of STATISTICA including census X11, X12, and ARIMA. In addition, I’ve also used the structural modeling capabilities, the general linear model resources, and of course the unparalleled charting capabilities.

Why did you use STATISTICA over another product?
When I first adopted STATISTICA, SPSS did not have the data mining capabilities I needed (to my knowledge). While SAS is a very powerful application, at the time I did not have access to a license, and in my opinion the output from SAS is not publication quality. Another large factor in my adoption of STATISTICA was that I was told the learning curve was not as severe as for SAS. In hindsight I would say that was an accurate statement.

Did STATISTICA give you the solution you were seeking?
Not only has STATISTICA given me the solution I was seeking, but it has also expanded my knowledge of statistics as a whole. I have enjoyed using it so much; often I will just explore what the software is capable of and in the process learn something new about my field. I have completed several research projects in recent years where STATISTICA played a critical role in my successes.

What are STATISTICA strengths?
The software has many strengths, but most importantly to me is the technical support I’ve received from their statisticians. It has been second to none. Support responses are prompt, complete, and the people are easy to work with. StatSoft has consistently made me feel valued and has never treated me like a random number.

Would you recommend STATISTICA to a colleague or friend?
Without hesitation I would recommend STATISTICA to a colleague, and indeed I have done so. I would love to see wider spread adoption of this product by universities and colleges.

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