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Cupid Uses STATISTICA to Manage Global Operations!

by Jennifer Thompson on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:08 PM

Several of us at StatSoft wanted to make a light-hearted, fun video that helps to demonstrate some of the great things companies can do with STATISTICA. In honor of Valentine’s Day, today, I present to you, Cupid Uses STATISTICA to Manage Global Operations!


In this video, the ever adorable Cupid explains how STATISTICA has freed up so much time and improved the quality of matching predictions. For example:


  • Text mining allows Cupid to add open response questions to the new client questionnaire. Text mining turns text information into actionable information. Predictive modeling typically benefits extensively from text mining results.
  • With STATISTICA Data Miner’s arsenal of tools, building prediction models with high accuracy is easy. Keeping them up to date is no challenge either.
  • Automated tracking and reports ensure that Cupid knows about problems as soon as they occur.


This was also an opportunity to have some fun with STATISTICA graphs. You may have noticed the Histogram of Hugs or the Control Chart of Cuddles. I love subtle humor. I took advantage of a STATISTICA graph feature that allows you to use an image, in this case a heart, as point markers in a plot. This is seen in the plot of Cupid’s Success Rate.

Cupid's control chart

I had a few helpers for this video that I would like to thank. My daughter was a good little actress. At times, she would try to get away from her wings or take off her headband. She was a really good sport. My Husband helped me immensely too. He kept Cupid’s attention while we shot the video. He was in charge of the fire in the fireplace and so much more. Crystal Simmons provided the voice for Cupid and did a great job. We all had a lot of fun with the video and hope everyone enjoys it!

Jennifer Thompson

Sometimes we all make things harder than they have to be, hence the title of my blog, Round Hole, Square Peg. My dad uses the acronym, KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. The simple fact is that once we start down a path, its hard to turn around and try a new one. But at times, that is exactly what we need to do to make things easier. This is as true in life as it is in data analysis.


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