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Statistical Advisor, Crosstabulation/Banner Tables

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BASIC STATISTICS: This statistical procedures includes extensive facilities to produce two-and higher-way crosstabulation tables. Lists of two-way tables can be represented in so-called banner tables. Those are summary tables where one or more categorical variable, represented by the rows of the Scrollsheet, are crosstabulated against one or more categorical variables, represented by the columns of the Scrollsheet. For example, those tables may allow you to summarize consumer choices (e.g., which brand of toothpaste was purchased) by various demographic characteristics such as gender, ethnic background, occupation, etc. You can choose to express the frequencies in the table in terms of overall percentages, row percentages, column percentages, or raw frequencies. Some software programs will also compute a variety of statistics describing the strength of the relationship between the categorical variables in the two-way tables.

LOG LINEAR: This chapter describes general techniques for computing, displaying, and analyzing multi-way frequency tables. These techniques are particularly useful for analyzing complex crosstabulation tables (e.g., gender by occupation by age group by ethnic background).

GRAPHICAL ANALYTIC TECHNIQUES: Graphical analytic techniques include a wide range of descriptive graphs for categorical and discrete data, such as 2D and 3D histograms, etc.