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Statistical Advisor, Information on Industrial and Survival Analysis

CENSORED DATA: A data set is said to be 'censored' if some observations are incomplete, but not missing. For example, in a medical research study of recovery from serious illness, we may lose contact with a subject because he or she moved. In that case, we know that the respective patient survived at least as long as we were able to maintain contact; however, we do not know what happened thereafter, and this observation is therefore censored. In industrial reliability testing, censored data sets are also common. For example, a part or product may not fail (break) within the time span covered by a study. However, we do not know how long it will function properly thereafter.

PROCESS CAPABILITY: There are various summary statistics and specialized graphs that describe the capability/quality of manufacturing processes or suppliers. For example, one can compute the ratio of the range of sizes of parts manufactured relative to engineering specifications. One can also estimate the proportion of parts that fall within specified limits.

GAGE REPEATABILITY & REPRODUCIBILITY: In order to precisely monitor the quality of a production process, it is necessary to employ reliable measurement gages. Several specialized statistics and graphs are available to assess the reliability of gages.