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Statistical Advisor, Simple Linear Relationships, Two Continuous Variables

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BASIC STATISTICS: This chapter discusses matrices of the standard Pearson r. The r statistic is appropriate when the data are normally distributed and continuous.

MULTIPLE REGRESSION: This chapter also discusses the standard Pearson r; it contains discussion on residual analyses.

NONPARAMETRICS & DISTRIBUTIONS: This chapter discusses several nonparametric alternatives to the Pearson r (Spearman R, Kendall tau, Gamma coefficient). These statistics are appropriate when one is not certain whether the data are normally distributed, for example, if the respective variables only contain rank order information.

SURVIVAL ANALYSIS: This chapter discusses simple linear (as well as multiple and nonlinear) correlations between a continuous predictor variable, and censored or uncensored survival times. A popular nonparametric alternative to linear correlation, the so-called proportional hazard regression model, can also be computed.

GRAPHICAL ANALYTIC TECHNIQUES: Graphical analytic techniues include numerous facilities for producing 2D scatterplots, line graphs, etc.