About StatSoft Ltd

StatSoft Ltd. is the UK and Ireland branch of StatSoft, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell (please see Acquisition announcement in the News and Press Releases from StatSoft), and one of the world's largest producers of IT solutions for extracting useful knowledge from data.

Our main lines of business are:

  • Desktop and enterprise-wide analytic software solutions
  • Design and implementation of individually tailored analytical and reporting systems
  • Consultancy and custom development services
  • Specialist training courses

Expertise combined with a winning formula

In the UK and Ireland alone hundreds of private companies, national and local government institutions, and academic and scientific organisations use Statistica data analysis products to support their decision making, administrative and manufacturing processes and research. The number of users of Statistica products is estimated to be more than 1 million users worldwide for their data analysis and data mining projects, Over 20 years we have built our reputation on a combination of critical factors our clients tell us they value highly:

Modern and universal techniques

The data analysis techniques delivered by Statistica software are both modern and universal. Desktop data analysis packages, data mining solutions and flexible and scalable enterprise systems are equipped with modern data access technologies. Our software deploys an easy-to-use, well-designed interface and a wide range of options for visualising data.

Experienced professionals

Our consultants take part in data analysis and data mining projects all over the world and have successfully deployed analytical systems based on Statistica software for some of the world's largest companies and institutions.

Proactive consulting

Statistica consulting services start by taking the time to gain a deep understanding of your needs before developing the appropriate project implementation. Our consultants know the importance of taking time to explain in detail the optimal use of a particular analytic method and software solution.

A proven methodology

Our clients benefit from a proven project methodology that enables project standardisation, effective co-ordination and documentation of results and full control over a project.

Individually customised training

Adaptability is the key to Statistica training programmes. Experienced specialists conduct high quality training courses tailored to the needs of individual client organisations. They communicate their knowledge of statistics and data mining with clarity.


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